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What is INMETRO certification?

INMETRO is a Brazilian national body responsible for accrediting each product Certification Body in the country (CB). Having a product certified by an INMETRO accredited CB provides assurance that the product complies with Brazilian regulations and INMETRO certification requirements.

Do I really need to have INMETRO certification?

If you are planning to introduce consumer and industrial products to the Brazilian market that require certification, it is essential that they are tested and approved by an accredited provider in line with the INMETRO Certification requirements. Failure to do so could lead to products being banned, or you could be fined.

What Types of Products need INMETRO certification?

  • Electronic devices
  • Medical devices
  • Household appliances
  • Automotive components
  • Tires
  • Wheels
  • Luminaires

How do I Get INMETRO Certification?

The testing and issuing of the corresponding certificate can be done by INMETRO itself or by a body recognized by INMETRO.
To apply for certification, you need a Brazilian INMETRO consultation services provider to be your authorized representative during the INMETRO certification process if your company is not based in Brazil. This is where your authorization partner, who helped you with ANVISA registration comes in handy. This local partner should be able to help you select a suitable certification body.

How Does Passarini’s INMETRO Consultation Services Work

Passarini offers full INMETRO Consultation services working directly with the national body or recognized Certification Bodies. Our service includes;

  • Monitoring the tests
  • Recommending changes to your projects
  • Modifying your product’s documentation e.g manuals, labels, and packaging to ensure they are compliant with INMETRO’s certification requirements in accordance with ordinance No 384/2020
  • Putting together the required documentation

For Imported products, we keep track of the entire INMETRO certification process in Brazilian laboratories, providing the necessary documentation and help you address any queries or concerns that may arise. Some of the imported products we help companies attain INMETRO Certification requirements are;

  • Medical equipment
  • Toys
  • Traffic monitoring equipment
  • Measurement equipment

We also give you guidance in the selection of Certification Bodies and testing labs. Furthermore, if your team is facing challenges interpreting and coming up with documentation that complies with INMETRO’s Ordinance 54 of February 1, 2016, our INMETRO consultation service offers you experts who will help you streamline your project to save you time and money.
To guarantee success, we work directly with your manufacturer and where necessary keep track of the INMETRO certification process at any plant anywhere in the world.
Let Passarini help you comply with INMETRO’s certification requirements and make your product viable in the highly attractive Brazilian market.

For more information, feel free to contact us.

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