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Unraveling Equivalence in Clinical Evaluation

Unraveling Equivalence in Clinical Evaluation: Exploring the 2nd Episode of the Passarini Group Podcast We are thrilled to present the second episode of our podcast series in partnership with GRINN, focusing on a crucial theme: "EQUIVALENCE IN CLINICAL EVALUATION PROCESSES." In this episode, we delve [...]

Podcast Launch – FAQ on Clinical Evaluation

Unveiling Clinical Assessment: The New GRINN Podcast in Partnership with Passarini Group We are excited to share some news with you! In collaboration and with the full support of Passarini Group, GRINN carried out an extensive survey of frequently asked questions related to clinical assessment. [...]

Certification of Approval for PPE: The Cornerstone of Workplace Safety

Certification of Approval for PPE: The Cornerstone of Workplace Safety Nowdays, one of the most recurring and crucial terms in discussions about workplace safety is PPE, or Personal Protective Equipment. PPE plays a fundamental role in protecting professionals during their work activities, minimizing risks and [...]

Publication of #RDC No. 810 modifies RDC No. 751

The Future of Importation: The Impact of ANVISA's New Resolution on the Medical Devices Sector. ANVISA has recently published a new resolution that alters the rules for importing medical devices, including their accessories, into Brazil. This resolution, RDC No. 810/2023, aims to facilitate access for [...]

FDA announces annual fee for fiscal year 2024

FDA Announces Annual Fee Adjustment for Medical Devices. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) announced the new fees for Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24) in the last week, on August 9th, 2023. Owners or operators of establishments that are involved in the production and distribution of [...]


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