By using Passarini Regulatory Affairs‘ E-mail Marketing / Newsletter service, the user is agreeing to the following terms and conditions as indicated below, and is also subject to the Anti-Spam Policy.

Acceptance of this term is obligatory for any individual or legal entity, hereinafter called “USER”, who intends to use the e-mail marketing / newsletter services provided by Passarini Regulatory Affairs, hereinafter called SERVICE, as well as all other policies and principles that govern it.

Passarini Regulatory Affairs reserves the right to update and change the Terms of Use from time to time. Any new features that augment or enhance the current service, including the release of new tools and resources, will be subject to the Terms of Use.

The USER must read and make sure he/she has understood all the provisions contained in the Term of Use before performing any operation. THE ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE OF THE SERVICE IS INDISPENSABLE FOR THE USE OF THE SERVICE.

The rules described in this term of use determine the policies for using the service of receiving newsletters published by the Passarini Regulatory Affairs website:

1. The information contained in this Term of Use may be changed in whole or in part and you are advised to keep yourself informed of the changes through the site.

2. By confirming your registration, you are authorizing Passarini Regulatory Affairs to send Newsletters to your e-mail address.

3. Passarini Regulatory Affairs will send the Newsletters herein at no financial cost to the applicant.

4. You are aware of the difference between SPAM and Newsletter. SPAM is unauthorized commercial messages that fill up e-mail inboxes. Newsletter are newsletters sent only after a request for sending and confirmation of the request. They can be commercial in nature, but without abusing the amount of email sent.

5. The USER can, at any time, request the cancellation of the newsletter sent.

6. The USER’s data will be kept only as long as the USER’s account is valid. In case of cancellation, the USER must register a new account for the service.

7. By providing Personal Data, the User expressly declares that he/she consents to Passarini Regulatory Affairs processing his/her Personal Data. The processing of personal data includes its capture, collection, storage and use for the purpose of sending the Newsletter, as described in the items above.

8. The User declares to be aware that the processing of Personal Data also includes the sharing of such data by Passarini Regulatory Affairs through its operators (art. 5, VII of LGPD), for the sole purpose of sending newsletters and managing the User base. 9. On the Passarini Regulatory Affairs site there are two ways to register for the newsletter:

  • In the form on the “Contacts” page
    In this form, the applicant must inform First and Last Name and E-mail. Please enter a valid e-mail account to receive the newsletters.
  • In the “Stay tuned” form
    In this form, the applicant must inform an E-mail address. Please enter a valid e-mail account to receive the newsletter.
  • Login
    In this form, the applicant must inform an E-mail address and password. This access is restricted and only released to users who request it. This password is the sole responsibility of the user who requested access and created it.

10. The User may at any time, through our website, service channels or by notifying our company, exercise the following rights:

  • a) Confirm the existence of Processing;
  • b) Have easy access to information about the processing of Personal Data;
  • c) Correct incomplete, inaccurate or outdated Personal Data;
  • d) Anonymize, block or delete Personal Data that is unnecessary, excessive or treated in non compliance with the LGPD;
  • e) Request Personal Data report in portable format;
  • f) Receive information about the sharing of Personal Data

11. The User may also, at any time, revoke the consent granted for treatment of their Personal Data by clicking on the cancellation, in compliance with the provisions of the General Law on Data Protection and it is certain that in this case, will no longer receive newsletter from Passarini Regulatory Affairs.

12. You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes. If you object, we will no longer process your personal data for this purpose.

13. The User may also notify Passarini Regulatory Affairs for compliance with the other rights established in art. 18 of Law 13.709/2018. In such cases, Passarini Regulatory Affairs will review the request and send a response within a reasonable time.

14. No actions will be accepted on the grounds of ignorance of the Terms of Use for receiving newsletters sent by Passarini Regulatory Affairs from now on.

15. Passarini Regulatory Affairs does not provide personal information to third parties.

16. These rules apply to the newsletter service offered by Passarini Regulatory Affairs.