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We are specialized in the regulation of healthcare products, certifications, production process’ optimization and our main specialty: help your company to grow.

With the evolution of our four companies, the need arose to create a group
to compose and drive the services as a whole. With that comes the PASSARINI GROUP, that arrives to mark a moment of many transformations.

Now we are a group that will serve companies from product registration to
distribution. Our services and differentiated service remain the same. We are
always ready to meet the needs of our customers, providing them with the
best experience. With this new brand, let’s talk to more people, and one thing is sure, by adding our four companies, we will take the purpose of contributing to the improving global health.

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Our company is in Ribeirão Preto/SP – Brazil and assists the whole national territory. We are also present with a commercial office in São Paulo, an office in Joinville/SC, for the actuation in the international market, and an office in Miami for the FDA exclusing. The Passarini Regulatory Affairs was created at 2009 and counts with the experience of over 15 years of its founder, Paulo Passarini, health technologist and postgraduated in the area of quality, currently acting in the Brazilian Committee of Technical Norms. Used to work in big companies before founding the Passarini Regulatory Affairs, that is a business society nowadays.

Our collaborators’ team are highly qualified professionals, with over 10 years of experience in the sanitary regulation.

The personalized attendance offered to our clients, always pursuing transparency, respect to the company culture, besides de trust and agility, that always made part of our work trajectory.


Our values

Contribute with the improvement of global health by delivering quality products and services, respecting and meeting the regulatory requirements of each country.

Conquer and keep our clients and partners’ trust and recognition.

    • Agility;
    • Respect to our client;
    • Respect to the regulatory requirements;
    • Watch for the health.

Global Consulting in the regulation of medical products.

Our activity is custoized according to the need of your company.

The main markts we operate:

Years of existence and evolution
Customers attended
Distributors mapped
Register aproved

All services in a single place!

Discover our regulatory ecosystem solutions.

Partnerships and proprietary solutions designed for your business.

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