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logo passarini regulatory affairs Passarini Regulatory Affairs provides regulatory consultancy for companies working with health products, medicines, cosmetics, sanitizers, and food, in order to ensure compliance with regulatory agency standards such as ANVISA, INMETRO, and MAPA, among others.
logo Passarini Regulatory Affairs da América Passarini Regulatory Affairs of America has a highly qualified team of experts in a wide range of issues related to consultancy and advisory services before the FDA. Our experts have extensive experience in conducting processes with the FDA and are able to provide the highest level of service so that your company can successfully market its products in the United States.
logo PassRob PassRod emerges to make your activity in the Brazilian market viable, being able to meet all importation needs, working with many distributors, and offering flexibility and a wide range of resellers in the intern market.
logo GRINN Company GRINN Company is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that stands out for developing innovative approaches to clinical studies, assessments, and investigations based on real-world evidence. We offer integral or specific solutions for each project, serving medical device companies, pharmaceutical industries, universities, and government agencies worldwide. We specialize exclusively in clinical studies, with a technological and flexible approach, and strategic partnerships, allowing us to be innovative and competitive in the clinical research market.
logo LMP Certificações LMP Certificações is a company recognized by CGCRE of INMETRO, specialized in certifying products and granting licenses for the use of brands on equipment manufactured in audited units. In addition to the INMETRO marking, LMP also offers other markings such as ATEX and IECEx, through agreements with European certification bodies.
LOGO Help Medical Help Medical is a company that imports and distributes health products throughout Brazil. We offer quality and efficiency to ensure easy access to health and well-being for the population. With years of experience, we are a reliable and capable company to make decisions and choose the best products for your business.

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