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ANATEL Certification

Lately, manufacturers and distributors of equipment to the telecommunication sector encountered themselves with complexes and demanding regulations in the quality, performance and safety aspects to the final user and mutual operation of the systems. The Passarini Regulatory Affairs provides the necessary information to ensure that these manufacturers, distributors and their products attends the stablished requirements and may compete with differential in the quality of the market.

What is the ANATEL certification process?

ANATEL’s product certification is backed by Brazil’s Regulation on Certification and Approval, approved by Resolution No. 242/2000, which established that the issuance of the compliance document is a mandatory prerequisite for the commercialization and use of telecommunications products in Brazil.

Therefore all telecommunication products destined for the Brazilian must first obtain and bear the ANATEL seal of approval.

Which Products are Subject to ANATEL Certification?

ANATEL Products fall into three broad categories;

Category I

These are mostly products that will be used by end-users. Examples include; cell phones, Lithium batteries for cell phones, cell phone chargers.

Category II

Comprises of equipment not included in Category I of ANATEL Products that emit radio signals, such as AM and FM transmitters and receivers. Examples include; Wifi network equipment, radio frequency automation equipment, TV & Radio antennas, as well as transmitters.

Category III

Any telecommunication product or equipment not included in Categories I and II’s definition, but for which regulation is a requirement. Typically, these devices are not operated through direct contact with the end-user. Examples are; fiber optic cables and cable connectors.

How to obtain ANATEL Approval With Passarini

It is advisable for manufacturers and distributors of telecommunication products to the Brazilian market to seek ANATEL certification services.

ANATEL’s regulations govern the quality, performance, and safety aspects of operating telecommunication products and systems by the final user.

With Passarini’s ANATEL Consulting Services, you get all the necessary information and support you need to ensure that your products satisfy the Brazilian market’s established quality standards

Importance of ANATEL Approval

ANATEL seeks to guarantee users of telecommunications products a minimum standard of quality, safety, interoperability. Compliance ensures that your telecommunication products are legally viable for sale and use in the Brazilian market while protecting you from non-compliance risks such as product confiscations, license revocation, or compliance complaints.

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