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  • Pesquisa Clínica

Clinical Research

In order to offer a complete solution to our clients, Passarini Group has a Clinical Research consultancy, specialized in innovative study projects for clinical trials, clinical evaluations and real world evidence.

Specializing in innovative study designs for clinical trials, literature reviews and real-world evidence, we offer complete services and functional service delivery solutions.

Our scientific expertise, unique focus on clinical trials, flexible, technology-based approach and strategic partnerships make us highly competitive in the clinical research market.

With complete solutions from design to delivery, we can significantly reduce time and costs, helping you to expand your development capabilities.

Benefit from faster and more efficient clinical studies.

Clinical Trials

Randomized clinical trials serve as a standard for clinical research. We are ready to help you design, simulate and run your clinical trial. In addition to traditional explanatory test designs, we also offer options such as adaptive tests, virtual tests, and pragmatic tests.

Clinical Evaluations

Clinical evaluations involve the process of collecting, evaluating, analyzing and reporting clinical data related to a product to verify its clinical safety and performance. We use state-of-the-art, validated scientific methodology to plan, execute and report your clinical assessment, according to your target market.

Real World Evidence

The performance of the product, once launched in the market and used over time, has been of great interest to regulatory agencies, payers, patients, physicians and sponsors. This type of study design has been used for post-market regulatory studies, quality improvement, benchmarketing, among others.

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