Project Description

  • quality system

Quality System and Another Informations

Implantation and maintenance of the systems ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and the Good Manufacturing Practices – GMP (ANVISA), according RDC Nº 665, march 30 – 2022.

According the established schedule, we identify the company culture and we implement a work that is divided in:

  • Involve the responsible collaborators for the subject.
  • Normative interpretation and implementation using the learned lesson and exalting the values that will be aggregated.
  • Accomplishment of a brainstorm with the team involved in the implementation process, however with the main goal to mitigate the impacts in the current reality of the company and its work methodology.
  • Standardization of the actions (exclusive procedures for the company).
  • Training of the work team involved in the procedure in a manner that allows the developed tools maintenance for its Quality Management System.
  • Formation of the internal auditors team (we also perform training of recycling  of your auditor team).


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