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Do you know the benefits of Passarini Group Hosting Service?

We will show you some triggers that can help you be more assertive in your business.

But what is Hosting Service anyway?

It is the hosting service for the registration of an imported product, where the holder is the Regulatory responsible for the product in Brazil.

And what are the advantages of using this hosting service?

* Have the entire process in your hands;

* Do not depend on your distributors’ commercial policies;

* Reduce the cost of your operation in Brazil, Hosting costs on average less than 4% of a local operation;

* Gain peace of mind in your project through our regulatory intelligence at your disposal on a daily basis;

* Just worry about your sales, don’t let the regulatory make you lose sleep;

* Hosting Service brings more security to your operation, as it eliminates the risk of loosing the registration obtained and the distribution;

* Gain speed, Hosting reduces on average 50% the time of registration;

* Host your registrations in a real One Stop Shop company, which will be able to meet all your demands.

What do you think?

There are many advantages that can help you, do you agree?

We are available to discuss new projects, send your questions by email: [email protected].

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Published: 07/06/2022