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Notivisa : Brazilian computerized system

NOTIVISA is a Brazilian computerized system developed for register any problem, issue or complaint related to the health technologies and care processes, by monitoring any occurrence, incidents, and adverse events linked to any technical complaints of medicines and/or health products.

Its main purpose is to strengthen the pos-market Surveillance on post-use to health technologies, also known as VIGIPOS. In addition, it helps in the monitoring of adverse care events as well.

Passarini Regulatory Affairs company offers all support to its customers who intends to attend RDC 67/2009 and RDC 23/2012 requirements. We also may help your company to deal with data collection, investigation, treatment, field action / recall and information in response to Anvisa and monitoring any related notifications.

We emphasize the correct use of monitoring methods could lead to accurate and timely actions focused on minimize costs and optimize actions when companies need to deal with problems related to Anvisa’s notifications.

If you want to know more about this activity, contact us and schedule an appointment with our technical team.