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Passarini Europe Solutions: Expanding Horizons to Better Serve Your Business

Passarini Group is honored to officially announce the launch of our newest venture: Passarini Europe Solutions! This is an exciting milestone in our journey, which reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence in regulatory advice and our desire to be closer to you, our valued community of clients, partners, and friends.

Passarini Europe Solutions

We understand you may be wondering what makes this release so notable. Well, allow us to share some fundamental aspects that make Passarini Europe Solutions such a valuable addition to the Passarini Group family:

Only Brazilian Company for European Representation

With Passarini Europe Solutions, we consolidate our position as the only Brazilian company dedicated to European representation. By offering comprehensive and specialized support for medical devices seeking European regulatory compliance, we reaffirm our commitment to excellence, becoming the unique and reliable reference point for your regulatory needs in Europe.

Presence in Europe

We have established our own office in Europe, located in Sintra, Portugal. This solid fundation allows us to meet your needs more effectively and directly. Now, we can offer unparalleled quality regulatory guidance while having a physical presence in the region, which is essential for the success of any regulatory project.

Brazilian Team Present from Passarini Group

Trust in a team that deeply understands the nuances of the international market, providing a solid and personalized connection. With Passarini Europe Solutions, you have a dedicated Brazilian team present in Europe, who understand in detail the challenges of the international market, offering a personalized connection to meet your regulatory needs.

A Real “One Stop Shop”

Passarini Europe Solutions represents our commitment to being your unique and reliable partner at all stages of your regulatory project. We are the only Brazilian company offering complete regulatory support with a European Representation office. This means we can provide truly comprehensive service, taking care of all the nuances of regulatory compliance without you needing to worry about a thing. “One Stop Shop“.

Everything Linked to Great Cost

At Passarini Europe Solutions, quality and accessibility go hand in hand. Our high-quality regulatory services are offered at an affordable cost, ensuring an excellent return on your investment.

Passarini Europe Solutions - Beloura Office Park

We are excxited about this new journey and what it means for our costumers. Passarini Europe Solutions is committed to continuing to deliver the excellence in regulatory advice that you know and trust, now with additional resources and an even stronger presence.

Join us in this important new phase. We are ready to face regulatory challenges with you, no matter where they arise. We certainly welcome Passarini Europe Solutions and all the exciting possibilities it brings. Thank you for being part of this journey with us!

Talk to our team of experts and ensure more peace of mind for your company! Contact us so we can introduce our services, click here!

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Published on: 01/09/2024

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